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Plateau (twinkranes first video release)

St. Patrick's Day 2016 Playlist

Every year around St. Patrick's Day we get a big spike in traffic to this website. People come here to find ideas for music they can play to celebrate that special day dedicated to all things Irish. So this year we have made it really easy for you and put together a great Irish Rockers St. Patricks Day playlist on Spotify. This playlist includes most of the big name Irish artists as well as a few interesting but lesser known artists. In keeping with the Irish theme where possible we have selected tracks that have an element or influence of Irish folk music and even found a few tracks with references to St. Paddy himself.

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Irish Bands and Irish Rock Music Throughout The Decades

For a small country Ireland has made and continues to make a huge impact on modern music. With a population of just around 5 million people, Ireland has launched more than it's share of internationally successfull, yet originally Irish, bands/rock groups and artists on the world.

The homegrown Irish rock music scene really started developing in the 1960s. At that time the Irish music scene was dominated by the unique Irish phenomenon of the 'Showbands' which were groups/bands of professional performers who played at dancehalls and clubs across the country putting on a professional 'show' and playing all the American and British hits of the era. In the 1960s this was pretty much the only way a professional musician in Ireland could make a living. Two famous Irish artists that started off working in show bands but went on to put Ireland on the map as far as rock music is concerned are Van Morrison and Rory Gallagher. Van Morrison achieved international success in the 1960s with the beat group Them before launching a hugely successfull solo career that is still going strong in it's fourth decade. Rory Gallagher fromed the blues rock band Taste and went on to achieve critical acclaim in his solo career which lasted until his death in 1995. He is considered by many music critics to be among the greatest rock guitarists of all time.

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