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Dublin based electro-rock band formed in 2002

About Channel One

Formed in 2002 and launched on the live circuit in 2004 Channel One have steadily churned out live show after live show of intense, dramatic and emotive electro-rock. Purveyors of a sound fusing the energy and rawness of punk and the complexity and fragility of modern electronic music, Channel One have already built a strong reputation as a tight and imposing live act. With songs that range from the startlingly poignant to those built upon unabashed dance beats, Channel One have already amassed an impressive following and respect throughout the Dublin Underground music scene from music fans and fellow performers akin.

The band build on an impressive wall of noise; Fusing live guitars, bass and drums with samples, synths,drum machines and deep vocals. For those who still believe that any electronic music lacks emotion, Channel One proves otherwise.

Channel One follow on from their two previous vinyl only releases of "Not for the Last Time" and "Accelerate:Brake/Fun Radio" with their debut EP "Permissions" this February. The self financed release was written, recorded and produced by the band in the Autumn of 2006, it will be distributed through Sound Foundation Recordings.


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