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Dublin based powerpop five piece with a Donegal lassie on vocals, formed in 2005

About Emily

The roots of Emily began in summer of '03. Kyle left his metal band, RLD, with the idea of setting up a punk band. He found Brian and Pete, who used to play in a band called Almost Useful. They left Almost Useful and then John from RLD joined as the drummer. DropOut were then formed. After about a year, with relationships in the band not being the strongest, Kyle left DropOut..

His replacement was Neil from Trackline. Upon Neil joining, DropOut got rid of many songs and the material became slightly more emo. But, after a few months and a chain of bad luck with practice spaces, DropOut decided to call it a day and maybe look for something different. It was then that we were introduced to Christine. Christine played in a band called Ditch, who gigged around Donegal for over a year and got to the final of the Blast:Beat competition. However Christine had to leave Ditch so she could move to Dublin. It was then that she was introduced to the ex-DropOut members by Rob Stephenson and Emily was born.

Emily released their debut album, 'This Is Our Emergency' in 2007.

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