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I`ll Eat Your Face

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Grindcore duo from Cork City, known for Zen-like can consumption and river-like flow of nonsense.

About I`ll Eat Your Face

I'll Eat Your Face is an award-winning two-man super-fun extreme assault on your brains. On 'big guitar' and 'crowd advice' is the inimitable THE BOY who wears tattered golfing pants and has a gigantic bum-shaped chin.

'Close behind him' on drums is the notorious BARRYTRON who is obsessed with the music of 1986 and has a crippling fear of baldness and prison.

"An awesome piece of sonic mayhem" (Hot Press)

"Iíll Eat Your Face are anything but a rational band, and more a primal force of nature" (

"I feel like I am falling woefully short of describing just how brilliantly demented this album is. It will blow your mind." (

"...feels like youíve entered a fight that youíre most definitely going to lose." (

" these boys slipped below the radar for so long is beyond me, although plenty of others here tonight seem well aware of them. Jamming an obscene amount of songs into as short a space as possible might be nothing new, but they manage it with such precision and a wicked sense of humour. More!" (

"we just canít stop playing this's thirty odd minutes of assault" (

"9/10" (

"...they could certainly never be described as boring. Except perhaps in the drilling sense - puncturing the underground scene like the Large Hard-on Collider." (

"They are a phenomenon but hard to describe. You'd kind of have to be there, you'd kind of have to know where they are coming from......You just got to love 'em and people do!" (

"Vital" (

"This is a delightful clusterfuck of music. Very addictive, always can't go wrong." (

"a great technical piece of grindcore " (

"My recommendation is to use them as an alarm clock." (

"Iíll Eat Your Face are no joke, they really bring the heat with a healthy dose of originality. Those of us who want something a bit off kilter in our diets need apply, because I think you may find something worth visiting Ireland over (not that Guinness, a lack of snakes and green rolling hillsides arenít enough)." (

""A tip of very short instrumentals leave us all the time with his ears glued to the speaker listening to the incredible changes of pace that pass through" VERY loosely translated from: (http:/

"...thereís something almost catchy about the material while keeping a unique identity, making them completely worthwhile"

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