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Joan of Arse

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Joan of Arse
Dublin-based indie band formed in 1996

About Joan of Arse

From their MySpace page:

Joan Of Arse began in 1996. A cassette 'The Big Band Sound Of the Joan Of Arse Big Band Sound' preceded the first 10" EP 'Le Remusement Triste et Lent de la Queve d'un Vieux Chien'. 'Lost At Sea' was the first full length in 1999, then 'Distant Hearts A Little Closer' came out in Europe in 2001, 2002 in the US. The companion LP 'Mating Under The Gallows' still hasn't come out. It will eventually.

The Bearded Lady, Joskuld, HP and Goodtime John played one gig as The Lawcourt of Christ in 2004. TBL is playing the odd time on his own as The French Letter A.

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