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Alternative Rock/Grunge Outfit formed in Cork in 1996

About Paradox

PARADOX - A powerful Alternative Rock/Grunge Outfit hailing from Ireland who's music has gathered rave reviews for its unique diverse blend of melodic vocals, driven by cutting edge riffs. Formed in 1996, Paradox are a combination of three unique individuals, with distinctive musical backgrounds, each member contributing their own personal style, taking you on a musical journey, filled with passion, truth and expression. Brothers Pete & Mike Mac are solely responsible for all the performances on both releases, 'Circle of Growth' and 'Sacred'. Pete is responsible for all Guitar work, Bass and Vocals, on both albums, while Mike perfoms all Percussion, Drums, Backing Vocals, with the addition of Keyboards and Piano on the 'Sacred'. They also participate on all production aspects of both albums. Paradox continue to work on a full time professional level, in a bid to ensure they reach their full potential.

(Added by: Pete on 8/7/2006)

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