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Rarely Seen Above Ground

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Performance name for experimental mulit-instrumentalist Jeremy Hickey from Kilkenny

About Rarely Seen Above Ground

RSAG is a multi-instrumentalist who's first love is the drum. And now, on his new eight-track album he plays it all down! Every instrument in the mix on this extraordinary project was layered and laid down by Hickey himself; the textures are brilliant and the mood is glorious to see. As one half of The Blue Ghost the NME referred to his music as an event that comes and goes from the ˘72% of the human brain we donĂt normally use÷ and RSAG brings shape and clarity to that undiscovered space. He succeeds in setting these tones and moods in his music because he has an innate sense of sound and sight as feeling and mood. He recalls that "When I was nine or something around that time I used to collect paint tins, buckets and trays. With wooden spoons for sticks this was my first experience of what could be done with beats and tones." With RSAG you can hear these tones for yourself because every sound is music to him and this album is rife with unusual hooks, menacing basslines and ungovernable, fitful rhythms. And yet if he refuses to govern he has nonetheless turned his armoury of instruments into a vehicle?for euphonious percussion moodswings which are in turn blown fair by fresh, intermittent waves of unorthodox melodies. Harmony for RSAG is from leftfield and it soothes the cacophony with texture, texture always striking. RSAGĂs musical influences range from Fela Kuti to Radiohead and from Tortise to Talking Heads but musical culture is more than a mix tape and RSAG is a proper trigger for musical ideas. Give RSAG a listen and listen for the colour of serious sounds textured in the heart and head.

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Susan Power wrote on 2007-06-06 00:00:00:
He is amazing
Susan Power wrote on 2007-06-06 00:00:00:
I have seen this guy a few times and her is amazing.
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