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Robotnik is an adventurous Lo-fi concoction of pop, electronic beats by Chris Morrin from Baldoyle

About Robotnik

Robotnik is Chris Morrin, a boy from Baldoyle, with 27 swings on the merry-go-round. Robotnik is an adventurous Lo-fi concoction of pop, electronic beats and melodic musings on relationships, fantasies and twentysomethingdom. Once you listen to the music, you might be lead to the conclusion that Robotnik happens to be a lovechild of David Byrne, Beck and Yo La Tengo with Neutral Milk Hotel and Radiohead acting as midwives. However, we hope you will also consider Robotnik to be an original in his own right. Robotnik's path to the here and now swings by early memories of playing piano with his Aunt Alice, his teen garage band 'The Wesleys' and his sojourn into singer-songwriter territory with 'The Mucky Kid' EP in 2004. "I bought my first laptop back in 2005 and started to get this shit load of free software. That's what prompted me to start pressing buttons and creating my first electronic tracks," explains Robotnik. Welcome on board.


Live at Castlepalooza

Music video for People Walk Away

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