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Scenes (The Brand)

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Scenes (The Brand)
Jazz/Post-Rock fellows from Kerry

About Scenes (The Brand)

Scenes, originally known as ć6th Of October CityĆ, were conceived in the Tralee area in mid-2005. While struggling for originality and taking inspiration from 'Bad-Plus', 'Don Caballero', 'Keith F. Whitman', the beepings of 'Battles', 'Amon Tomin', 'Saul Williams', scarabs, each other, mountains and photos, the music began to move more towards a modern heavy jazz style. The final product is, what some have describes as the sound of octopus mating out of water with symbols attached to all eight legs, other has said it's more like a medley of rock, metal, jazz and climactic punk. The jury is still out. With more energy than a 5000-spin tumble-dryer, Scenes' live shows are vigorous and strenuous affairs, with spatterings of tender melodics to ease the suspence..


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