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The Chalets

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The Chalets
Kitschy cool indie rock/pop band of 2 gals and 3 guys formed in Dublin in 2001

About The Chalets

From The Chalets web site:

Thank god for The Chalets. This is pop - reckless, libidinous, and impertinent. It all began in a clamour of booze and hormones. Two girls, two boys, and a drummer (as the joke goes), inspired by a weekend of hedonism at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival somewhere in the south of England, decided to form a band. Learning instruments, writing songs and other such trivialities would be ironed out later.

Remarkably, this drunken notion actually took fruition and before long it was a whirlwind of boy-girl face-offs, loud guitars, xylophones, nurse uniforms, and indie-rock kids stunned into silence by this explosion of glamour in Dublin's bloke-y-local live scene.

Shockingly, Peepee, Pony, Dylan, Enda, and Chris had recorded and released their first single by May 2004. 'Theme From Chalets' begins with a twitching guitar, a shark in the water if you like, that explodes into a love/hate punch-up of flirting and seduction. On the flip side, 'Sexy Mistake' sees more boy-girl playground psychology set to an addictive indie-rock crunch. This song was used in heavy rotation on MTV for some daft promotional campaign featuring farm animals with trendy haircuts.

If you don't relate to either of these songs you were clearly never young.

Somewhere along the line The Chalets joined the ranks of Ireland's much-loved indie institution, the Road Relish Singles Club, for a split seven-inch featuring the self-explanatory 'Two Chord Song' with synthesiser-pop freak Neosupervital. This record is worth buying alone for its spiffing sleeve design (designed by the band) featuring Pony and Peepee re-imagined as cartoon space-babes.

The Chalets have delivered their latest and nastiest recording yet, 'The Nightrock EP.' Herein lies the adrenalin-frenzied riff-romp of 'Nightrock', the adolescent swoon-swollen indie-pop romance of 'Kiss Chasing', the downright vicious electro-pop cum swamp-stomp of 'Love Punch', and the sweetly sung and almost epic closer of 'David Boring.'

The 'Nightrock EP' even broke the notoriously dire Irish Singles Chart, and to top it all off The Chalets just scooped the Best New Band award at The Irish Meteor Awards. A great victory for evil over crap. Now where's that debut album?

Listen to The Chalets radio session on California radio station KCRW


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