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The Knocking Shop

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The Knocking Shop
Early nineties band; R'n'R, Surf, Punk & Country in a blender

About The Knocking Shop

Played mainly in Dublin from 1993 - 1997. Released cassette only album 'Half Orphan' and were included on US compilation e.p. 'Raisins and Vomit' on the Ratfish label.

The Knocking Shop (aka The Phantom Jets) were formed in the early nineties when everyone else wasn't looking. Operating largely in secret they built a fanbase that could pack a generously sized cutlery drawer. They released one cassette only album around fifteen years after this was a valid way to release anything. However as it cost 110 to record and as cassettes were cheap it broke even - unlike albums by many of their better known contemporaries! Although operating a rotating drummer policy the core of the group was bass player Del 'Boy' Barter, guitarist Dave 'Kid Gretsch' Connolly and vocals from Seamus 'Jet Phantom' Duggan (said vocals heard to their best effect on the instrumentals to which he cleverly wrote no words to in order to enable him to go to the bar during gigs). Drummers were 'Ozzie John' Healy, Albert Cowans and Eoin 'Skins' Hanna. They played everything from surf instrumentals to country dirges and are remembered fondly by a significant minority of the ex members.


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