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Rock duo from Limerick whose total loudness is greater than the sum of all parts

About giveamanakick

from their MySpace page:
giveamanakick are Steveamanakick and giveamanakeith. Having spent the past 3 years playing with various rock luminaries and music press darlings such as The Icarus Line, Ex-Girl, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Electric Eel Shock, Isis, The Soledad Brothers, Unsane, Melt Banana, Electric 6, Liars, Lightning Bolt, Black Eyes, The Undertones, Oxbow, Presidents of the United States Of America, Deftones, Dinosaur Jr and Rocket From the Crypt, as well as peddling their albums ˘Is It Ok To Be Loud, Jesus?÷ and ˘We Are The Way Forward÷ to anybody whoĂd listen, giveamanakick rested. Briefly. Then came an extensive UK tour with The Undertones, live TV performances, Radio Sessions, constant Local, National and International Airplay, appearances at festivals all over Europe, constant tours, and many sleepless nightsÓ the giveamanakick way!.

So itĂs been a full year since giveamanakick launched their 2nd Album ˘We Are The Way Forward÷ onto the heads of the unsuspecting public. Initial reactions to the album were overwhelmingly positive, and since those first few weeks of W.A.T.W.F. easing itself (with the subtlety of a chainsaw to the face) into the publicsĂ collective consciousness, giveamanakick have been keeping themselves quite busyÓ Not content with having released their 2nd album a mere 3 months earlier, giveamanakick decided to hit the studio again early 2006 to record their half of the Berkeley/gamak split 7÷ single. A tour ensued, audiences were ecstatic, singles were sold. giveamanakick paused for a week. Then came the support slots. In 2006 alone, giveamanakick managed to fulfill a couple of their lifetime ambitions by touring and playing in some of Irelands most famous venues with some of their favourite bands; Deftones in The Ambassador, Lightning Bolt in Whelans and Connollys Of Leap, Dinosaur Jr in TempleBarMusicCentre and The Warwick and their 2nd gig in Vicar St with Presidents of the United States of America. Good times were had, new fans were made, and ˘We Are The Way Forward÷ was now cemented permanently in the publicsĂ collective consciousness.

Festival time was approaching, and gamak were offered slots at Electric Picnic, Rock the Valley Fest, Mantua Lives, HardWorkingClassHeroes Festival, and the Bloom Festival. But inbetween all that, giveamanakick were presented with the prestigious ˘Album of the Year 2005÷ award from one of Irelands most famous venues, the Roisin Dubh, Galway, for ˘We Are The Way Forward÷. A celebratory gig was played, champagne was popped, dances were danced, and heads were soreÓ

Performances at Electric Picnic came and went (that particular performance including the spectacle of an onstage fire breather and 10 masked dancers) and again new fans were made. Then giveamanakick made a quick trip to Hamburg to play at the Reeperbahn Festival alongside the likes of The Rapture, Radio 4, and Junior Senior!!!

"We Are The Way Forward" deals with everything giveamanakick want to deal with, loudly. You need it, Get it now.

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