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Dublin indie band formed in 2009

About Dispatches

From their MySpace page:
Dispatches formed in early 2009 when Dave, Steve and Matt Kavanagh met at a Dawsons creek marathon... After hours of intense conversation about pressing issues such as 'what happens if you only eat crisps', the lads decided that the obvious course of action would be to form a band and write hit after glorious hit. In May 2009, young Shane Kavanagh was recruited along with hit trusty old Cello to provide a touch of class during the recording process. Alas, in June 2009, Matt sadly declared that he would be leaving the band due to other commitments - we wish him all the best in the future. For the album, Dave and Steve wrote all of the songs between them apart from the track with the innovative working title 'A1' which was co-written with Matt. The following are the essentials you need to know about the band: Dave - classically trained at piano, successful bumbler on guitar and bass, dave is half of the songwriting team that forms Dispatches. Dave's likes synthesizers, cheesecake, kittens, cuddles and bed. Dave cannot distinguish colours at all, bloody useless.... Steve - steve likes free hugs and fart jokes. A songwriter extroadinaire, he has recorded 7 solo albums already at the tender age of only 20. Steve has the amazing ability to eat constantly and still not become a fat bastard. A team of medical practitioners has been assigned to study him and his inhuman qualities. Enda - I do not know Enda's surname... The first of the new lineup likes to play the bass guitar (or the dad guitar as Dave calls it...). He's got a big fluffy head for catchy riffs, but decided to be really awkward by being a lefty so the others can mess around on his instruments - how inconsiderate! Ross Chaney - A jazz drummer by trade, Ross likes hitting loud things quite hard with wooden sticks in catchy rhythms. Dont let Ross near any technology post the 1950's or its likely to explode within a short space of time.

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