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Le Bien

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Le Bien
Dublin based synth & guitar duo

About Le Bien

Le Bien is a band whose raison d'aitre is pumping out super charged dancing music with the driven force of a hundred naked sex-starved nymphos rammed tight inside a bouncy room. This musical orgy began late in the summer of 2005 and has since been gathering rumbling momentum. Thus far they have delved deep into the genres of electro, funk, rock, and punk, the results of which exude definite lascivious tendencies, as can be found in activities such as erotic line dancing and love jumping.

Le Bien's music has found its expression through extensive synthesizering & guitar tom-foolery, coupled with a schmorgusborg of vocal silhouettes. Their sound is a crossing of Daft Punk, Car-Chase music and ZZTop, a menage a trois never before deemed possible.


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