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Hardcore/death metal band formed at the turn of the millenium in Dublin

About Cold War

from their MySpace page:

Formed at the turn of the millenium in Dublin,Coldwar started out as a three piece band and have since developed into a five piece.Inluenced by underground hardcore punk,extreme metal,a deep mistrust of Church/State and other oppressive,intollerent and absolutist states of mind,coldwar have to date released 2 demos (Gods of War,Promo 06)a full length album (Whorebred and Hellraised) a mini album (In the sun's Dead Rays) and a DVD (Live at CBGB 2002).The band have toured all over Ireland,The UK and have made forages into the US and mainland Europe sharing stages with Anthrax,Hatebreed,GBH,Exploited,Discharge,Agnostic Front,Cephalic Carnage,Converge,Born From Pain amongst many others.Coldwar have just completed the recording of their next album which is due to be released 2nd June 07 on Underground Movement. Go to for Merch and Downloads.

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