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Suggest an Artist to add to Irish Rockers

Use this form to submit an artist for inclusion to our list of Irish Rockers. Your submission will be reviewed and pending approval will be included in our list. To be added to the list the artist should meet the following criteria:

Criteria for classification as an Irish Rocker

  1. The artist should be an ESTABLISHED original artist. Generally speaking, this means the artist should be (or have been) a signed artist or one with independent album releases. Artists without album releases may be considered if they are established on the gigging circuit and have a significant following.
  2. The artist should fit into the broad category of ROCK. We do apply the term quite loosely, so anything from death metal to mellow contemporary folk is considered. We do tend to avoid pure pop, teeny-boppers and boy bands etc., so that's why you won't see the likes of Westlife listed here.
  3. The artist should of course be IRISH. Roughly speaking, that means either based in Ireland or containing mostly Irish members (i.e. Irish citizens) if based elsewhere. For example, we have included Rodrigo Y Gabriela even though they are Mexican, because they established themselves in Ireland and are based in Ireland. We have not included certain American bands that play a variety of Pogues inspired Celtic Punk because they are not Irish based and do not have Irish members.

IMPORTANT: To get the artist listed quickly, please make sure to include as much information as possible.

IMPORTANT 2: We get a lot of submissions and only list the ones where the information is up to our standards. To get listed, the information should just be factual, verifiable and free of hype or subjective opinion.

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NOTE: If you are the artist, or a representative, you can contact us (see page footer for email) after you've been listed, for a login to manage your listing, add gigs, news, etc.