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Altar of Plagues

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Altar of Plagues
Altar of Plagues were a progressive metal band blending elements of black metal, post rock and industrial rock

About Altar of Plagues

Altar of Plagues were formed in Cork by James Kelly and were active from the mid-2000s until 2015. Their released 3 acclaimed studio albums, White Tomb (2009), Mammal (2011) & Teethed Glory and Injury (2013). Their music is often labelled as black metal but is more experimental and varied than straight up black metal and may be better described as post-black metal. They created sprawling post-rock soundscapes combining black metal with post-rock atmospherics, industrial rhythms and progressive rock structures. After Altar of Plagues folded, James Kelly has continued to record and perform with his solo project WIFE.


Altar of Plagues - God Alone (Music Video)

Altar of Plagues - live show 2013


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