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Barry McCabe

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Barry McCabe
Blues Rock with a Celtic twist

About Barry McCabe

As well as being a great musician Barry McCabe has been a long time and valuable contributer to our discussion form here at His music is blues rock sometimes incorporating Celtic sounds and his guitar playing is inspired by his number one hero Rory Gallagher. In the summer of 2006 he released to great acclaim a new album called 'Beyond The Tears' as a follow-up to his very inventive 'The Peace Within' album on which he collaborated with uilleann pipe player Davy Spillane. He also happens to be a cousin of guitarist Pat McManus (ex-Mama's Boys and currently in Indian).

Bio from Barry's website

Barry Mc Cabe comes from Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland but has travelled all over the world to bring his music to the people. He has been working extensively on the European mainland over the past ten years and has also toured in such far away lands as Egypt and the US.

Barry's music can best be described as rock & blues with a Celtic twist!

Barry collaborated with Davy Spillane to release the critically acclaimed CD "The Peace Within". This was the birth of Celtic-Blues. Davy Spillane is the well-known uilleann pipe player who played in Riverdance. He has also played with Bryan Adams, Van Morrison, Chris Rea and many others.

Barry played support to Rory Gallagher on his last European tour, which included the Paradiso club (where part of the Rolling Stones "Stripped" CD was recorded).

He appeared last summer with Status Quo & ZZ Top at the Montereau Festival in Paris, France.

He also headlined the Waterpop Festival in Holland for 20,000 people.

Barry's version of the Fred James song "Full Moon On Main Street" won the Sheheshe Music Award in 2005.

Barry's own composition "One Of These Days" was voted one of the top six blues songs in the world by the Backas Jazz Society in Helsinki, Finland in 2006.

Last Spring Barry undertook an extensive tour of the Netherlands û playing 12 concerts in 12 days in all the 12 provinces. This was to help raise money for the "War Child" charity. Since then he has continued to collaborate with "War Child" on several other projects. He has also worked for the following charity organisations; The Irish Youth Foundation (IYF) and the Red Cross.

Barry has played on festivals/clubs with Status Quo, ZZ Top, Molly Hatchett, Walter Trout, Stan Webb, Rory Gallagher, Dr. Feelgood, Roy Rogers, Canned Heat, Ten Years After and The Sweet to name but a few. Barry's music has been played on radio stations in Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Croatia, Australia, Japan, France, Spain, Finland, Ireland and the UK and is currently being played on over 150 stations in the US as we speak.

Barry's follow up CD to "The Peace Within" is called "Beyond The Tears". It features special guests: Mark Feltham on harmonica (Rory Gallagher Band), Johnny Fean on guitar (Horslips) and Pat Mc Manus on guitar (Mama's Boys & Celtus).

Barry sums it up quite simply - "I grew up in a small town and dreamed that one day I'd be in a music group, travelling all over the world and reaching people through my music. It's a dream that has come true many times over!"


Re-arrangement of Rory Gallagher's "I'll Admit You're Gone"

Barry Mc Cabe live in Virginia, Co. Cavan (w. special guest Pat McManus) - In The Dead Of Night

Barry Mc Cabe live in Germany - The Emigrant

Barry McCabe live in The Netherlands -You dont love me

Interview with Barry McCabe


Martin wrote on 2012-08-09 00:00:00:
why dont you ever play in England ?
Vic "the Dude" Roberts wrote on 2005-08-08 00:00:00:
I became aquainted with Barry and his music via an old Rory tribute site maybe 10 years ago (Barry, has it been that long!!). Not only a tremendous player, but one the genuine good people of this world. The music rocks!
Stephen Ferris the end wrote on 2005-07-30 00:00:00:
Tracks on The Peace Within are rockin, soulful or anthems, but all fill me up! I hear touches of Skynyrd, Stones, Gallagher, Knopfler, Fean and the Fureys (Frank the Belfast piper). Glad his music and I found each other. Romance from the start XOX.
Stephen Ferris Part IV wrote on 2005-07-30 00:00:00:
I used to listen in the car but it made me speed, so good news about the mp3. Both Absolutely Live albums areà areà,well the best thing to do is go to BarryÆs site and listen to the generous clips from the albums.
Stephen Ferris Part III wrote on 2005-07-30 00:00:00:
The first song I heard from the BMC band was ôSomeone I used to Knowö. It set me on fire from the first moment and I really love the false ending (watch out for that). When I got an MP3 player it was the first song I put on it, and itÆs still on the play
Stephen Ferris Part II wrote on 2005-07-30 00:00:00:
Right now weÆve got that out of the way I can proceed. I do love BarryÆs music and I do remember the first time I saw him play more than 25 years ago! (opps, now IÆve done it, IÆve given away BarryÆs age, this isnÆt going well at all! IÆll start again)
Stephen Ferris wrote on 2005-07-30 00:00:00:
Well, they say you always remember your first love and your first kiss. DonÆt worry IÆm not in love with Barry and IÆve never kissed him! Right now weÆve got that out of the way I can proceed. I do love BarryÆs music and I do remember the first time I s
Lee Templeton wrote on 2005-07-26 00:00:00:
Barry's version of "Move It On Over" from Absolutely Live, Vol 2 is one kickin' track!
Aidan wrote on 2005-07-18 00:00:00:
Barry's "The Peace Within" is an excellent album which breaks new ground in blues rock by incorporating the uilleann pipes (by Davey Spilanne!). Oh and thanks Barry for being one of the first visitors to this site to add your comments!
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