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Black Daisy

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Black Daisy
A band of Rock Chicks that got together in 2004; featured on MTV 'Breaking Point'

About Black Daisy

It all kicked off in the summer of 2004 when lead singer L.A. left her home town of Limerick and came to Dublin with the sole intention of forming a band. Hanging around Dublin’s gigging scene, she met lead guitarist Steff Caffrey from Drogheda in the Temple Bar Music Centre, and the girls immediately clicked! They both had the same dream and musical taste, and after meeting up for a jamming session, they decided to form a female rock band! With a female drummer and bassist in toe, (and a different band name) they began writing recording and most importantly, gigging anywhere they could.

Within their first year the girls managed to land a slot on MTV's Breaking Point, it was a series about unsigned bands trying to make it big in today’s cut-throat music business. The girls were the only girl rock band AND the only IRISH band to feature in the series.

One of the bands first big gig was - believe it or not- performing to the male inmates of Mountjoy Prison!!! They had an absolute blast (and the girls really enjoyed themselves too)! Not long after, in early 2005, the band lost it's drummer and bass player, as the direction of the band and it's music was simply not agreeing with everyone. Lack of commitment was also an issue, so the band split. L.A. and Steff refused to give up, and decided to stick together, so they carried on writing and recording new material, and all the while using session musicians to carry on gigging. They even filmed their first music video 'Take You Over' in 2006, and from this, the name BLACK DAISY was born!!!! The girls also starred in an independent short film called 'Scratch' which received over 300,000 hits on from a student film website . The film was about a band in Dublin struggling to make it and featured Black Daisy’s music as the soundtrack, and included their music video 'Take You Over' in the fictional story.

The whole time the girls kept searching for two new band members, when Steff, being quite good friends with rhythm guitarist Nicki Billings from Blessington Co. Wicklow, asked her to come and jam some day…. when it was only a few days later that L.A. found KICK-ASS drummer Asta Mileriene from Lithuania through !!! Asta lives in Dublin and was flattered & delighted when L.A. asked her to come meet the band and maybe have a session….and when the four girls finally came together in the same room, there was a combined explosion of music, input and attitude!!! Black Daisy was finally complete, and the band are stronger and tighter than they have ever been before!

Since that day, Black Daisy have recorded a new EP and plan to release it this summer, have filmed a new music video to their upcoming single 'Disturbing New Fashion', and are lined up to play at various venues and festivals around the country, including the CMX Music Festival in Monaghan, and the Castle Palooza Summer Music Festival in Tullamore. Black Daisy are at present rehearsing, gigging, and preparing for their inevitable explosion onto the international music scene. With influences such as Blondie, Greenday, Metallica and Bon Jovi, they are determined to be Irelands first ever rock-chic band with a twist!!! It's been a roller-coaster ride for Black Daisy so far, but their journey is only just beginning...





Stephen Murray wrote on 2010-06-11 00:00:00:
I think Black Daisy are great, and anyone who gets the chance should go and see them - More of this sort of thing!
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