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Blackball Fighter

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Blackball Fighter
Co. Down four-piece formed in 2005

About Blackball Fighter

Blackball Fighter have been described as "Feeder with a tiny bit of Snow Patrol", and aren't afraid of mixing synth atmospheres and effects with Led Zeppelin style riffs and intelligent chemical beats. Vocal melodies weave through the madness whilst solid and intricate bass adds the funk, making for memorable and anthemic songs.

Formed in 2005, the band members immediately moved into a converted farmhouse buried deep in the countryside of County Down, and set about writing no-nonsense upbeat and melodic rock songs that felt good to play live. Influenced by a wide spectrum of music ranging from Dream Theatre to the Chemical Brothers, and fuelled by the growing and inevitable party atmosphere in the rock and roll house, the band developed the keen sense of dynamic that makes their live performances energetic and unforgettable.

Word of mouth sparked the beginnings of a loyal local fanbase from very early on, and that circle continues to grow, ensuring that a buzz surrounds every live show. 'Fever' quickly became a favourite on independent radio in early 2007, and garnered a number one slot on Revolution Radio in London, UK.

The four-piece continue to write confident and mature songs, always with a strong hook and always with the intention of pulling the rug from under the listener's feet. It is still the live performance that captures the true spirit of Blackball Fighter, with every live show a microcosm of the cold, loud, sleepless nights of the rock and roll house...

Blackball Fighter have a unique and powerful sound borne from the clubs of the nineties, metal from the eighties and the funk of the seventies. Throw in some psychedelia from the sixties and you're there.

[Source: band's website]


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