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Mexican Pets

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Dublin guitar rock band formed in 1990 and disbanded in 1997, back together in 2006

About Mexican Pets

From their MySpace page:

Mexican Pets were formed by Pat Clafferty and Jill Hahn in 1990 inspired by American bands such as Husker Du and Dinosaur Jnr. The two soon drafted Derrick Dalton in on bass whos distinct and accomplished style was an invaluable contribution to the bands sound. The band never featured a permanent drummer and a string of players graced the stool. Having made several demo recordings and playing extensive gigs around the country, they had their first break up. Each of its members pursued other musical interests until the spring of 1994 when they reformed. In that same year they found a permanent drummer in Fin OLeary. Jill Hahn then left in the spring to return to her native San Francisco, replaced by Brian Gough on other guitar and organ. They recorded their first album Nobodys Working Title on Independent Records that summer and continued to play across the country.

It was then that Andy Cairns from northern rockers Therapy? Released four singles on his label Blunt. Two of these singles featured the songs off the bands first record and 6 brand new songs were quickly penned for the final two.

In 1995, Derrick Dalton left and was replaced by John Duff. The band began to play their first gigs in London, frequenting the infamous venues in Camden town and it wasnt long before they came to the attention of the legendary Seymour Stein who funded further recordings. 1996 saw The Pets play in Germany and Holland and several return visits to London. In August of that year they recorded their second and final album Humbucker which featured a tougher guitar driven sound. The record was again funded by Cairns who had become an invaluable patron of the band.

Having promoted the record with a series of gigs and a brief tour of England the band called it a day in May of 1997.

In 2006, following discussions between Clafferty, OLeary and Gough, the band was kick started once more. Derrick Dalton, now playing in the band Crumb, was asked if he would pick up his Bass once more. Thankfully he agreed.


Former members include Jill Hahn (guitar) and Derrick Dalton (bass)

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