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Alt. hard rock band from Dublin, relaesed debut album in Aug 06.

About Morello

from their MySpace profile:

Morello are an Irish rock band like no other!! You won't find any radio friendly schmooze or Flogging Molly trad Rock stylings here. What you will find is a band that rocks like the bastard child of all your favourite Acts, a band that for once believes in everything they do! Morello make music for people, not a target market, music you can relate to, tunes that won let you down. They are uncompromising, gritty and explosive. If you wanna change your hair listen to everybody else: if you wanna be inspired and grab your life by the balls you need this band. Morello a band like no other!!

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verushka wrote on 2006-08-19 00:00:00:
i saw them in las vegas, they are great!
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