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Four piece indie/alternative/blues rock band based in Tallagh originally formed in 2002

About Moskowitz

Moskowitz are a four-piece band based in Tallaght, Dublin. They are: Gareth O'Connor on Lead Guitar, Dan Devlin on Drums, Mark Keeley on Vocals/Rhythm Guitar and Liam Quinn on Bass. The band write, record and produce their own material which consists of a mix of indie, blues and alternative rock (with a lighter/laid-back side) The band was originally formed by Gar, Dan and Mark in 2002. Each member of the trio has slightly varying musical tastes and influences but almost immediately, there was a bond formed whereby each person could bring their individual ideas to the group. These ideas would then be stretched, bent and sometimes broken, so as to include the styles of the other two members... within a very short period, their sound began to take shape. The next three years were spent writing, recording, editing, scrapping, then re-writing a host of songs... The three years had also seen auditions and jamming sessions with a handful of prospective bass players, all of whom, for various reasons, failed to become the elusive fourth member of Moskowitz. Liam came onboard towards the end of 2005. After a couple of months rehearsing and adapting together, the band were finally ready to emerge and give the Dublin music scene a taste of something that has been more than three years in the making.

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