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Mumblin' Deaf Ro

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Stage name of Dublin singer/songwriter Ronan Hession

About Mumblin' Deaf Ro

Ronan Hession has been active on the Dublin music scene 1993, performing with various bands including Rinty, Boxcar, The Critters and also as a solo artist going by the nale 'Johnny Horsebox'. He released his first album, the critically acclaimed 'Senor, My Friend...', under the name of Mumblin' Deaf Ro in 2003. His second album 'The Herring and the Brine', written over a three-and-a-half-year period, was released in 2007. "The album is a subtle and tender portrayal of various charactersÆ lives through the themes of self-doubt, failure, resilience and the search for meaning. The albumÆs narratives deal with the exhaustion of a novice priest; the regret of a failed Latin American President; the slow drift to despair of a drowning man; and the reflected shock on an isolated rural community following a brutal murder by two sisters. Other than that, itÆs fairly cheerful." - Mumblin' Deaf Ro.


Mumblin Deaf Ro performing "The Drowning Man" on Balcony TV

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