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Stone Throwing Youths

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Stone Throwing Youths
Band centering around 20 year old blind multi instrumentalist Brian Casey from Cork

About Stone Throwing Youths

STY is a self produced band centering around 20 year old blind multi instrumentalist Brian Casey, who produces, writes and performs all of STY’s music. STY will have a track featured on a 272 records compilation in the states and have cut their teeth in all the main venues around Ireland - the highlight being a support slot in the Marquee in Cork with rock super group Chickenfoot. STY have generated much word of mouth endorsement for their live shows; for their edgy and spontaneous dynamic, their ever-changing live performances – pounding rhythms, a deeply inventive guitar arsenal and an audience left in disbelief- that the sound is created on stage, in real-time by just two musicians.

Discography includes:
Self-titled EP released February 2009, and the album “disconnect the dots”, due for release in March 2010. The latest effort recorded in various locations sees Casey again taking the reins producing, mixing and performing all instrumentation.

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