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United Bible Studies

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An eclectic musical collective that dabble in experimental noise rock soundscapes and psychadelic folk rock; formed in 2001

About United Bible Studies

Originally formed as a duo with an unhealthy desire to emulate the incredible string band, UBS quickly evolved into a collective and laid the groundwork for the deserted village label and events. Since their formation in winter 2001 they have played and recorded sporadically-never settling on one recording method, never settling on one line-up.

The new album on Deadslackstring "The Shore that Fears the Sea" shows a love of the unadorned beauty of Shirley Collins, Anne Briggs and Vashti Bunyan as well as the work of Current 93, Coil and Sol Invictus. Sparse folk sidles up to a more melodic take on free improv and tales of loss and pagan longing abound. If they could exist anywhere, they would be playing in the green man when Sergeant Howie arrives.

Since their sun worship ritual at The Mór Festival in 2003, the students have increased their activities. The set, which included radical reworkings of of some of their quiet new folk songs has been edging towards a more Pharoah Sanders/ Emperor/ Can hybrid thanks to the new drums and horns helping them to blaze brighter in the northern skye. Live shows throughout Ireland and Britain including the Leechrum Festival have seen them wildly improvise with up to twelve members or play straight trad as a trio. Their philosophy is that all paths are equal, all approaches relevant. Members have sometimes met on stage for the first time.

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