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Early 80's rock trio from Omagh, reformed in 2005

About Casper

Omagh Rock Trio, CASPER formed around 1979, three local lads, Mickey T, Peewee and Conor had a hunger to play Rock music, and after hearing a band called TOEJAM from Derry/LÆDerry the boys were hooked. At first the CASPER lads were too young to get into the gigs and used to watch through the windows of local venues, until they were old enough to get into the gigs. After months of locking themselves away to rehearse they then got the opportunity to play support to TOEJAM anytime they visited Omagh, and on a number of occasions TOEJAM invited CASPER to Derry/LÆDerry to also play support to them, and BOY did they impress the Derry/LÆDerry crowds. On the bigger scale influences also included Deep Purple, Rush, UFO, Lizzy, Budgie, Skynyrd etc. CASPER also played a lot of gigs with MAMAS BOYS, another brilliant band, with the McManus brothers making up this great threesome, one of the main highlights of that time was when CASPER support to HORSLIPS and played in the camp site at Slane to thousands, the night before the ROLLING STONES took the main stage the next day.

The boys soon established a foothold on the Irish Rock scene and were known as a hard working rock act, which turned into a 34 date Irish tour in 1981,playing in some of the top venues at the time and making an impression at every gig. CASPER were selected to headline a lot of gigs and enjoyed the challenge of æstepping up to the plateÆ, but wanted to record and produce an Album which would lead to bigger and better things, but unfortunately around 1982-84 the rock scene was on its way out and punk revolution and disco scene was kicking off. Disillusioned CASPER called a halt to proceedings without getting to put anything on an album or getting a record deal.

It had been about a 15-year gap between CASPER splitting up and the infamous 25th Anniversary reunion gig in December 2005; in all that time they never found the musical satisfaction and buzz that they got from playing on stage with each other, and are now back on the road seeking to play some of the old ÆhauntsÆ again. But it was one year exactly to the day when CASPER took to the stage on THURSDAY 28th DECEMBER 2006 at the INF HALL, OMAGH, to launch their debut Album/CD æRelight the fire insideÆ. One year on, not thinking a reunion gig would lead to much, how wrong they were, the boys have a new web site, and myspace page they have played a handful of gigs since last May and took 6 months to record and produce their own debut Album/CD æRelight the fire insideÆ. The album boasts 11 tracks in total with the title track being written in 2006 and the other 10 being written in the early eighties recorded onto a demo and hidden away in an attic for 15+ years.

On Saturday 23rd December 06 Paddy Hunter (Q101.2 FM Radio) Alternative Wireless programme Paddy aired an exclusive interview with CASPER and playing some select tracks from the new Album/CD, he said
ôSome things, like good wine and cheese take time to mature, they say things Are better when they are left for a while, like a pint of the black stuff, Well the same can be said for Casper. Mickey T, Peewee and Conor have Certainly matured well but they still have that youthful teenage exuberance That made them such a potent force on the Irish music scene in the 1980Æs. Its remarkable if not unbelievable that "Relight the fire inside" is the Bands first album..........but by God it was worth waiting on...This production from the band has it all that you want from a Rock album, from the steamy rock ballad; Kick ass rock from the eighties to the new sound of the current time.
The boys, nay these giants of the music scene have done it for me and the Listeners, they are a sought after live act again and already we all ask What about album two?..........please donÆt wait as long the next time, While the rest of us have grown older... if not at all much wiser, the Boys From Casper are the same youthful trio from the eighties, its good to hear And see that quality will always last. Indeed get better with age.ö

[Bio supplied to by Conor McCrory]


Brian wrote on 2009-10-29 00:00:00:
I grew up with this "Rock Band" the best way of describing them, is the fact that the only ones who went into re-hab, was their Fans. They are the organ between a Dead 90 year old Womens legs
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