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Dublin based indie band

About Dry County

From their MySpace page:

Dry County release their debut album 'Unexpected Falls' after three years of blood, sweat and tears, May 4th 2007 will see the album hit the shops. It is the band's second release following on from the Nothing Stays In Place ep, May 2004 which has continued to sell over the intervening period. After recording the best part of an album, the band jettisoned most of the material due to a rapid progression in their sound and dynamic, the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth continued with still no record to release and a growing fan base wondering why. May 2007 sees the album reaching the light of day and sounding like the record the band always knew they were meant to release. The band and their label are delighted and relieved to finally have a record that should prove one of the most interesting Irish releases in 2007.

'Unexpected Falls' crossbreeds a love of songs and a passion for electronic and dance music, the natural and the mechanical mixed and combined. The fabric of the album is constructed from guitars, Nord Lead 2, Microkorg, Piano, Auto Harp, Mellotron, live drums (some built from buckets and boxes), various other computers and machinery and of course the lead vocals of lyricist Kevin Littlewood, backed mainly by Phil Porter, Stuart Flood and Joanne Parle but with the help of quite a few other voices along the way. The lead single ŠAttentionĂ (LAZYB11), physical and digital, released March 30th 2007 has a chorus featuring twelve of the band's closest disciples. Both the single and album were recorded in a number of locations according to the required sounds and appropriate atmosphere and were mastered by Guy at the Exchange. The bandsĂ influences range from Nine Inch Nails to Boards of Canada or on the guitar side, Ride to Deus, with an inherent drive to create a sound that is far more than imitation or tribute. The album title refers to the setbacks and accidents of living life and of making music. The songs and their lyrics look both up and down; a streak of melancholy runs through what is ultimately a celebration of life and of sound. The struggle serves to make stronger, achievement is nothing without effort and pain. Like the song says 'it is what you make it not what it made you'.

The band have been regular players in Irish venues and over the two years, doing a number of their own tours and playing with and supporting the likes of God Is An Astronaut, Whipping Boy, Jape, Messiah J & The Expert, James Yorkston and Jimmy Edgar. They have also featured at events and festivals such as Hard Working Class Heroes, Bud Rising, Electric Picnic, IMRO showcase tour and Pop Komm.


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