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Something Happens

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Dublin based guitar-oriented pop/rock four piece emerged in the late 80s released their debut in 1988 and followed with a few albums in the early 90s

About Something Happens

From Wikipedia:

Something Happens were an Irish pop-rock band whose heyday was the late 1980s ű early 1990s. The bandĂs line-up comprised Tom Dunne (vocals), Ray Harman (guitar), Alan Byrne (Bass) and Eamonn Ryan (Drums).

The Dublin-based bandĂs first release was a live EP, I Know Ray Harman, in 1988. Later that year, their debut album Been There, Seen That, Done That was released on Virgin Records. One of the singles from this album, "Forget Georgia," was later covered by Canadian singer Emm Gryner.

Their second album, 1990Ăs Stuck Together With GodĂs Glue was recorded in Los Angeles, and contains their best known songs, "Parachute" and "Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello (Petrol)". The album received critical acclaim, and the band received a reasonable amount of publicity in the music press and on television. Although they were a very popular band in Ireland, international success eluded them and they were dropped by Virgin. This led to t-shirts bearing the legend ˘Something Happens are no longer Virgins." The year 1992 saw the release of Bedlam-A-Go-Go on Charisma Records. The record label folded, and their final album, 1994Ăs Planet Fabulous, was released on the Wild Bikini label. The following year, a greatest hits album The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves was released. In 2004, this album was re-released with the less clumsy title of The Best Of Something Happens.

Today, the band play occasional gigs but they're no longer recording new material. Lead singer Tom Dunne has a very successful radio show on Today FM. Guitarist Ray Harman works in television.


Carlo Marinello wrote on 2007-02-06 00:00:00:
All I have to say is when I bought "Stuck Together With God's Glue" in 1990 solely on the basis of the single "Hello (x5)" little did I realise that it would still be the best CD/LP in my collection 17 years later. The best record ever!!
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