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Dublin born David Virgin is a vetran of the Australlian underground punk scene, now based in Dublin

About David Virgin

David Virgin was born in Northside of Dublin in 1962. He moved to Australlia when he was young. By the age of 16, with his band "The Broken Toys", he was playing at the legendary Grand Hotel and Garabaldis in the early Sydney punk scene '78 - '79. He then startesd working with Dan Rumour (later of the Cruel Sea), in the industrial noise band SPK. He recorded 3 singles and an album still only 16 years old.

Around the same time, Virgin & Rumour started the post punk psychadelic group Sekret Sekret in which they achieved 5 No1 positions in the Australian Independent charts. Sekret Sekret lasted 7 years and were the major influence for such bands as the Triffids, The Go - Betweens and the Church. Sekret Sekret later became The Cruel Sea getting Tex Perkins on vocals.

David spent the next 10 years in Europe playing extensively and recording. David has now recorded his 2nd album with Dan Rumour, the first was "Landlord Green" released in 1992. The latest release titled "VIRGIN & RUMOUR" recorded Winter 2004 is a special coming together for these two elder statesmen of Australian Underground Music.

These days David likes to play solo or duo gigs, usually with some tasteful electric guitar accompaniment. Most recently he has toured the East Coast of Australlia with Cat Power, Lloyd Cole, Billy Bragg and Tim Freedman.

He has finished recording and will be releasing a new David Virgin album early this year. He's now living in Dublin recording and promoting his music.


gerry molyneaux wrote on 2013-06-30 00:00:00:
as a punk oi and ska fan since 1976 great to hear about this bloke.never heard of him and a s a serious record collector have some rare early aussie also mentioned bernie torme who as well as being a noted heavy metaller also played punk bands.
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