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The Frames

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The Frames
Formed 1991 in Dublin by Glen Hansard

About The Frames

The Frames are a prominent Irish band formed by Glen Hansard in Dublin in 1990.

The name The Frames arose from Hansard's habit of fixing bicycles of his friends. The large number of bicycle frames lying around his house led neighbours to dub it the "house with the frames". In a 2001 interview, Hansard said, "I worked in a bicycle shop for a little while, but the name came from ... my back garden was so full of frames, my house became known as The Frames house, much to my mother's distaste, she hated it. But my garden was full of frames, old bikes, I would make up bikes for my friends out of all the old bikes. So it sort of became known if anybody found a bike up on the hill on the way home they would throw it into my garden, a graveyard for old bikes."

The band has had many members over the years, some of whom have also been, or later became, members of other Dublin rock bands. Colm Mac Con Iomaire and Dave Odlum both were founding members of folk group Kla. Graham Downey, son of Thin Lizzy drummer Brian Downey, played bass for the band between 1993 and 1996.

The Frames have always collaborated closely with other groups that emerged from the buskers on Grafton Street, Dublin, where Hansard started his music career. Among these groups were Kla, and Mic Christopher. When Christopher died in 2001, Hansard and his band were heavily involved in organising the Skylarkin' concert to commemorate his life and release the album. The Frames still occasionally perform Mic's songs, chiefly "Heyday", as a tribute.


Falling Slowly

Lay Me Down

Fitzcarraldo live in Vicar Street 2010

Official video for Dream Awake


Mairtin wrote on 2009-03-22 00:00:00:
Glen and Mar have joined the likes of Bono, Stephen Hawkins etc by being imortalised on The Simpsons-everyone in Eire saw it Patricks Day.In the States its debut was last night with the rest of the world to follow soon.theyre Super superstars Now
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