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A singer/songwriter with beautiful voice, released her debut album in 2007

About Íse

Singing since the age of seven, it was as vocalist with Sinead O’Connor’s original band “Ton Ton MaCoute” that Íse first got drawn into the world of rock and roll. But tiring of being a mouthpiece for someone else’s thoughts she left to form her own band “The Restless Natives ” where, following the death of her youngest brother she shaved her head, changed her name and screamed her anger and angst out in her pop/punk songs. Eventually ditching the electric guitar and drums for acoustic and keys, a more mellow sound emerged which attracted the interest of Enya’s manager Nicky Ryan. A working relationship with him was followed by a record company “Influx” being formed around the Natives by Dublin entrepreneur Dave Quirke. With their first single chosen for inclusion in the soundtrack of the latest Noel Pearson (My Left Foot,The Field) movie, Íse was also asked to sing the theme song. Then with the death of her father that year coming so soon after her brothers, Íse found herself propelled into a reclusive period of creativity, emerging only rarely to amaze unsuspecting audiences with her spine tingling performances. It would be a full 10 years when, with the encouragement of friends and fellow musicians, Íse would set about recording what was to become her début album “Angel One”.


Marcus wrote on 2009-12-11 00:00:00:
Amazing purity in her voice, full of passion and heartache. Only just discovered Ise and will never look back.
Michael wrote on 2009-01-03 00:00:00:
Tears is beautiful georgeous voice
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