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Creation's Tears

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Creation's Tears are a metal band based in Belfast.

About Creation's Tears

Creation's Tears are based in Belfast. Fronted by Brian Eddie Reynolds, the band also features members of Paradise Lost and Cradle of Filth Formed initially in the summer of 2002, it wasn’t until 2010 that CREATION’S TEARS finally aligned their focus as a unit. Though, not a Death Metal band, the first incarnation of CREATION’S TEARS made a controversial yet impactful debut appearance at Belfast’s Rosetta Bar, (30th August 2002) playing support to Death Metal heavyweights Vader, Krisiun & Decapitiated. While the debut gig heralded some local success for CREATION’S TEARS, they continued to play only a mere handful of gigs thereafter and failed to produce any recorded material at that time. Owing to the relocation of two band members, the band went on haitus in 2004/2005…UNTIL 2009. In early 2009, CREATION’S TEARS frontman, Brian “Eddie” Reynolds began to pen new material and with the support of lifelong friend, Ian Coulter (bass 2002-2005 & 2009-2010), the vision to reactivate the band was borne. For the months that lay ahead, the primary focus was on the creative process. In late 2009, around a dozen songs had been completed by Reynolds but the more pressing issue of finding a suitable drummer within Northern Ireland’s small local metal fraternity was persisting. Reynolds knew however, that there was one drummer from amongst his own collection of favourite CDs, who would not only be competent but most complimentary to the music. With clarity in his vision, Reynolds set about tracking down one of his heavy metal icons of the 1990s in what seemed like an outrageous attempt to find the right line-up…


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