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Hard/Progressive Rock outfit from Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan

About Speedking

The group formed in 2002 by school friends Gerry Black (Lead Guitar) Ronan Morgan (drums & vocals) Paul McCabe (bass guitar) and Niall Mc Guigan (vocals, guitar & tenor sax). They combine hard rock riffs with powerful melodies and metal grooves with an added dose of sombre progressive rock to create a wholly unique take on the hard rock genre. To date, they have released two self-produced, highly successful and critically acclaimed EPs. In 2004 ‘Welcome to My Head’ saw journalist comparing them to hard rock’s figureheads with ‘riffs that Megadeath or early Metallica would have played if they had Layne Staley singing for them’ (Rock Sound magazine). In 2007, ‘Change of scenery’ was accorded similar praise from among others with ‘if Speedking keep on at the rate of talent exhibited here, the only way there going is up’.

Their strong reputation is built on their powerful live performances. They have left a wake of interest behind them from shows across Ireland, airtime on several Irish radio stations and numerous appearances on national television.

This summer, Speedking have released ‘Cause & Effect’ their much anticipated debut album. Recorded in Attic studio’s Monaghan the album was produced and mixed by Ronan Morgan and mastered by Jon Astley (Led Zeppelin, The Who, Jools Holland, Sex Pistols) at Close to the Edge Studios in London.

Cause & Effect is a culmination of eight years hard work and an album which Speedking are extremely proud of. One listen will set aside any doubt about the depth and ability of this band. It is the kind of work one would expect of a multi-platinum selling artist, perhaps Speedking are more than just one step ahead of the rest. They will continue to promote ‘Cause & effect’, touring relentlessly throughout 2010 and have already started writing new material for the follow-up album.


Speedking unplugged on BalconyTV

Speedking in TG4


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