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A House to Zerra One - The Ultimate List Of Irish Rock Groups And Artists

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Artist ArtistNameNotes
Cactus World NewsOne of the bands U2's Bono was promoting in the mid to late 80's
Cane 141Electronica/indie pop act from Galway formed in the late 90's
Carpenter JoeEighties band from Northern Ireland
CascadeSoundsDublin indie & electronic band
Cashier No. 9Jangley pop/rock band from Belfast
CasperEarly 80's rock trio from Omagh, reformed in 2005
Cathal CoughlanSolo career followed Microdisney and Fatima Mansions
Cathy DaveyEdgy singer/songwriter from Dublin released her debut album 'Something Ilk' in 2004
CeltachorIrish mythology metal
Celtic LegacyCeltic rock/metal band from around Dublin; formed in 1997, split in 2009
CeltusPat & John McManus of Mama's Boys head off in an entirely different musical direction
Channel OneDublin based electro-rock band formed in 2002
ChaplinFive piece indie/alt country band from Wexford
Cheap FreaksDublin Garage Rock band fronted by Robbie Brady (The Things)
ChequerboardChequerboard is the performance name of John Lambert, a Dublin based guitarist/producer who creates ambient soundscapes incorporating acoustic guitar
ChosenMetal Band, formed in 2005, based in Dublin
Christie HennessyFolky singer/songwriter with unique voice, died in 2007
Christy MooreFolk singer/songwriter was part of Planxty and Moving Hearts
Chrome HorseFormed in 2006 diverse backgrounds in Northern Ireland and Poland; purveyors of organ-tinged psyche rock
ClannadDonegal band Clannad were originators of the new-age celtic sound
Clone QuartetBelfast indie/electronica outfit
CodesIndie electronic quartet from Dublin
Cold WarHardcore/death metal band formed at the turn of the millenium in Dublin
Colenso ParadeFour piece rock group from Co. Tyrone
Connect Four OrchestraInstrumental band formed in Dublin in 1999. Released 2 singles, 1 Album. Been on a break since 2003.
Couse and The ImpossibleDave Couse, formerly of 'A House' returns to the fray with a new band, 'The Impossible', and a new album 'The World Should Know'.
Cowboy XFour-piece alternative rock band formed in 2003, with a female vocalist.
CrayonsmithIndie synth/electronic rock outfit formed by Ciaran Smith in 2004
Creation's TearsCreation's Tears are a metal band based in Belfast.
CrimsonFour piece alternative rock band from Co. Westmeath
Crocodile TearsMid-Late 80's group from Omagh
CruachanCeltic metal
Cry Before DawnFour piece from Wexford that aspired to follow in the footsteps of U2 in mid-late 80's
Cry YumaCry Yuma are a 4-piece alternative rock/pop band from Kildare, now based in Dublin
CUTDublin-based, guitar-driven, indie 4-piece
CycleflyAlt metal/nu-metal outfit active in late 90s / early 00s
Dae KimExciting new band formed by Terry Cullen, former drummer of Ten Speed Racer; released their debut album in 2005
DaliFour piece alt. rock outfit from Thomastown Co. Kilkenny
Damien DempseyDublin singer/songwriter with distinctive voice
Damien RiceTalanted singer/songwriter from Celbridge, Co. Kildare; achieved huge success with his album 'O' released n 2002; formerly frontman of Juniper.
Dark Room NotesFour piece electronic indie pop/rock outfit from Dublin
Darkest EraNorthern Ireland based, Celtic laced epic metal band (formerly known as Nemesis)
David GeraghtyMulti-instrumentalist member of Bell X1 also has a career as a solo musician
David HolmesEclectic Mix DJ/ soundtracker from Belfast
David HopkinsFormer member of Dublin band LiR
David KittDublin-based singer-songwriter
David VirginDublin born David Virgin is a vetran of the Australlian underground punk scene, now based in Dublin
Davy SpillaneRenowned Uillean pipes player was a founding member of Moving Hearts
De ConfidenceCork group featuring the strongly Cork accented voice of Anthony McCarthy
Deaf Animal OrchestraPopular indie rock band from Waterford City
DecalElectronica group from Dublin
Declan de BarraSolo acoustic artist originally from Waterford, performed in Australlia and fromed a band called Clann Zu; based back in Ireland since 2002
Declan O'RourkeAcclaimed singer/songwriter; released his debut album 'Since Kyabram' in 2004
DelorentosAngular guitar pop/rock with an 80's feel
Dinah BrandFormed by Dylan Philips, ex-Pet Lamb
DirectorPop-rock quartet from Malahide, Dublin, formed in 2005
Dirty BeatniksElectronica group fromed in London in early 90s by Dubliners Neil Higgins and Rory Carille
Dirty EpicsSpiky punk pop four piece fronted by female voclaist; formed in 2007 in Dublin
DispatchesDublin indie band formed in 2009
DistractorsDublin five piece alt. rock outfit formed in 2006
Dolores O'RiordanThe voice of The Cranberriers is now performing as a solo artist and has a new album out
Donnacha CostelloAmbient/Electronica artist
Dr. Strangely StrangeExperimental folk rock group formed in Dublin in 1967
Dropkick MurphysFormed in Boston in 1996, Dropkick Murphys are one of the more well known of the plethora of Irish music/punk crossover bands to come out of The States.
Dry CountyDublin based indie band
Dublin Duck DispensaryLo-fi one-boy band
Duke SpecialDuke Special is an eccentric Belfast artist (aka Peter Wilson) 'whose bruised romanticism and soft Northern tinged vocals are at sharp juxtaposition with his wild dreadlocks, smudged eyeliner and unfeasibly wide trousers'
Ed ZealousFive piece rock outfit from Coleraine
Ego MinefieldLate 80s/early 90s power-pop 4 piece from from Letterkenny, Co. Donegal
Eire ApparentLate 60's psychedelic band, Jimi Hendrix played on their only album
Ellison 9Dublin 8-piece rock band formed in 2003
Elvis CostelloA.k.a. Declan Mc Manus, English born of Irish ancestory with strong Irish ties
EmilyDublin based powerpop five piece with a Donegal lassie on vocals, formed in 2005
Emmett TinleyEmmett Tinley from Blessington launched a solo career after his former band The Prayerboat called it quits in 2001
Energy OrchardBelfast band featured Bap Kennedy who went on to record as a solo artist
Engine Alley90s pop/rock band formed in Kilkenny in the late 1980s
EnyaAfter leaving Clannad Enya went on to become an internation success with her multi-layered new agey soundscapes
Eoghan ColganIrish singer songwriter from N. Ireland, currently living in Glasgow
Era VulgarisProg-metal band formed in Dublin in 2004
Ernie GrahamSinger/guitarist from Belfast, formed Eire Apparent in the late 60's, followed with a solo album
EstelEstel are a Dublin based instrumental rock group started by two sisters from Co. Roscommon. To date they have released four albums.
Eternal HelcaraxeBlack metal from Cavan
Evil HarrisonsAlternative-rock group formed in Dundalk in 2004

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