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A House to Zerra One - The Ultimate List Of Irish Rock Groups And Artists

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Artist ArtistNameNotes
Paddy CaseyDublin based singer/songwriter
Paddy Goodwin And The Holy GhostsQuality blues rock from Drogheda
Paddy SaulPaddy Saul is an established singer/songwriter from Drumconrath, County Meath, Ireland, living in Boston since 1995
Panama KingsBelfast band fromed in 2007
Panda KopandaIndie rock band from Belfast
ParadoxAlternative Rock/Grunge Outfit formed in Cork in 1996
Paranoid VisionsPunk band formed in 1981 and split in 1992, reformed in 1996
Pat McManusHard rock guitarist from Co.Fermanagh of Mama's Boys fame. Now with Indian and also as a solo artist.
Paul BradyProlific singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Strabane has released a string of albums from the 80s through to the present
Paul CaseySinger/songwriter/guitarist from Derry
Paul CunniffePaul Cunniffe, an Irish singer-songwriter from Tuam, Co.Galway. Former frontman of Blaze X. Now deceased.
PavesiPop/rock group from Donegal Town
Peggy's Leg70's band formed by Jimi Slevin, released the album 'Grinilla'
Perish The ThoughtPerish The Thought are a 5 piece metal outfit from Cork city, their sound being described as heavy, discordant, melodic cacophony
Pet LambDublin band had a number of releases on the Therapy? related label, Blunt, in the nineties
Peter O'MalleySinger/songwriter from Limerick, also a standup comedian
Phil LynottOne of Irelands most charasmatic rockers fronted Thin Lizzy and also recorded a couple of solo albums
Philip MorrowAlt folk/indie artist from Donegal now based in Galway; Previously recorded under the band name, The Red Rose Cafe
PhiltreIndie-alternative-rock act from Tralee Co Kerry, formed in 2004
PicturehouseDublin based band, released debut album 'Shinebox' in the late 90's, currently working on their 4th studio album
PilotlightFour piece formerly known as Polar formed in Dublin, currently based in London
PinkyPinky is a new artist with a voice that sounds different; he released his debut single in 2006.
PirateTapeHard edged electro rock four pice from Galway
PlanxtyFormed in 1973, Planxty mixed Irish folk and traditional music with modern influences. Members included Christy Moore and Donal Lunny.
Pop MecanicsEarly eighties new wave group
Power Of DreamsIndie rock band from Dublin, active from 1989 to1994
PrimordialLong running metal group that got together towards end of 1980's in Skerries, Co. Dublin
PrimroseBand formed in Denmark by indie singer/songwriter Adrian Sullivan in 2003
Pulling FacesEighties goth/dance band
Puppy Love BombEarly 90's Dublin band
Purple Haze80's hard rock band from the Waterford/Wexford area
PutrefyNorthern Ireland Death Metal/Grindcore band on the go since 1992
PyramidTipperary-based rock band of the 1970s, fronted by guitarist Tommy Lyons. Busy gigging band with strong Santana influences.
QQ is the solo project of Colm Quearney former member of Dublin bands Dragon Fly and LIR
Rarely Seen Above GroundPerformance name for experimental mulit-instrumentalist Jeremy Hickey from Kilkenny
Raw NovembreRaw Novembre gigged around Ireland from 1990 to 1997
Redtwelve5 piece rock band from Dundalk
Redtwelve5 piece rock band
RelishBelfast 3 piece
RemmaFormed in Cork 2003. Signed to Morrissey's Attack/Sanctuary label.
Republic Of LooseFive piece Dublin band play their brand of retro funk rock
RevelinoFive-piece Dublin band formed in 90's and broke up a few years ago
RevereUp-and-coming Cork band Revere released their debut album 'Modern Science' in 2005
Ricky WarwickFrom Newtownards, Co. Down, former member of New Model Army and The Almighty embarked on a solo career in 2002.
Riff Master GeneralHeavy metal group form Northern Ireland formed in 1998
RobotnikRobotnik is an adventurous Lo-fi concoction of pop, electronic beats by Chris Morrin from Baldoyle
Rocky De Valera and the GravediggersNow reformed Dublin punk / rock 'n roll band, originally formed in 1977
Rodrigo Y Gabriela A sensationl instrumental duo of blazing fast-fingered guitarists that make highly inovative use of the guitar to add a percussive dimension to their music. Originally form Mexico City, they moved to Ireland in 1999 and now make Dublin their base.
Roesy[Male] singer/songwriter from Birr, Co.Offaly
RohanSinger/songwriter/guitarist grew up mostly in Australia and now based in Dublin; son of punk veteran David Virgin.
Roisin MurphyFormerly part of the Moloko electronica group, Roisin Murphy launched a solo career after Moloko split in 2001
Rollers/SparkersExperimental electronica/ambient rock group
Rollerskate SkinnyRollerskate Skinny was formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1992 by vocalist/guitarist Ken Griffin, guitarist Ger Griffin and bassist Stephen Murray. They released the critically acclaimed 'Horsedrawn Wishes' in 1996.
RoperHardcore metal/grindcore band from Limerick
Roque JuniorNorthern Ireland band made up of former members of Joyrider and Ninebar International
Rory GallagherOne of the greatest rock guitarists of all time
RoysevenAlternative rock band from Co.Dublin formed in 2003, formerly known as Jove
RubyhorseFormed in Cork in 1997, moved to Boston the following year. Rubyhorse released their debut album in 2002
RudiPunk band formed in Belfast in 1975
SandstoneHard rock/metal band from Derry, formed in 2003, disbanded in 2007
SavilleDublin 4-piece, known for their melodic jangly Rickenbacker driven rock
ScaldThrash/grindcore metal band from Belfast
ScavengerMetal band formed in Drogheda in 2001, active until 2006
Scenes (The Brand)Jazz/Post-Rock fellows from Kerry
Scheer1990s alternative rock/metal band from Derry
Screaming OrphansFour sisters from Co. Donegal now based in New York
Sean NeedhamSinger/Songwriter from Donegal, based in Dublin for several years where he released the album "Loosely based on a true story" and several singles. Now based in Denmark
Sean O'ConnorSinger, Guitarist, Songwriter and Producer. Was the lead singer/guitarist and songwriter for The Lookalikes.
Secret PoliceLimerick band
ShaineLate 80s, early 90s pop/rock act
Shallow StreamHard rocking band formed in Dublin in 2006
Shane MacGowan and the PopesShane formed The Popes after departing from The Pogues
Shock Treatment North Belfast New Wave 1978-1983
ShoctopusHard rock/classic metal band from Dublin
Silent Running1980's Belfast band, recorded 3 albums
Simple KidSimple Kid is Cork born Ciaran McFeely who plays a trippy, folky brand of music backed by the rest of his band (his laptop)
Sinéad LohanFolksinger and songwriter Sinéad Lohan debuted in 1995 with the album 'Who Do You Think I Am' and released the follow-up 'No Mermaid' in 1998
Sinead O'ConnorA great voice all the way from a whisper to a scream and from punk to traditional Irish airs.
SiroccoMostly instrumental, metal band from Cork formed in 2003
Sixteen LayersFour piece alternative rock band from Dublin
Sixth HouseUS based metal group fronted by Irishman Martin O'Brien
Skid RowLed by Brush Shiels, included a young Gary Moore in it's lineup and briefly Phil Lynott.
SkindiveCombining rock riffs with electronic beats and female volcals Skindive were formed in Dublin at the end of the 90s, moved to the US got a record deal and released ther debut album in 2001
Slave ZeroDeath metal band from Kilkenny
SlingbacksMid 90s punky pop trio
Snow PatrolFormed in Dundee, Scotland by Gary Lightbody and Mark McClelland (left in 2005) from Nothern Ireland, Their 4th ablum 'Eyes Open', released in 2006, topped Irish & UK charts
Soma State Four piece hard edged rock band from Wexford
Something HappensDublin based guitar-oriented pop/rock four piece emerged in the late 80s released their debut in 1988 and followed with a few albums in the early 90s
SpeedkingHard/Progressive Rock outfit from Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan
Spud1970s folk rock group who heavily influenced by the likes of Sweeney's Men, Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span
St Vitus DanceBelfast band formed in 1985. Lead singer Noel Burke later briefly fronted Echo and The Bunneymen
Stalag 17Punk band from Belfast, Northern Ireland that existed from 1980 to 1987.
StandStand are a Dublin 4-piece rock band.
Stand-Up GuyBelfast thrash metal band formed in 2000
Stanley Super 800Four-piece indie-rock band from Cork formed in 2003 by former members of a trad group
Star BelgradeIndie/Electronica group formed in 2006
Stars of HeavenCountry-tinged indie band active between 1985 and 1988
Steafán HanveySinger/songwriter from Downpatrick, Co. Down
Steel TormentorOld school heavy metal band from Mayo, formed in 1996; debut album 'Unleashed' released in 2004
StepasideEarly 80s band, released the album "Sit Down and Relapse" in 1980
Stiff Little FingersOne of the best bands out of the late 70's punk scene (much rawer, grittier and punkier than the Clash who they are often compared with). Many of their songs such as the classics 'Alternative Ulster', and 'Suspect Device' were about life during the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland.
StillroomThis Dublin band formed in 2004 have a 'back to the eighties' hard rock vibe going
StoatQuirky trio 2 of which are from Wexford
Stone Throwing YouthsBand centering around 20 year old blind multi instrumentalist Brian Casey from Cork
SuddynAnthemic rock band in New York in 2002 by 2 brothers from NY and 2 Clonmel natives; currently based in both Ireland and NY
Sultans of Ping FCFounded in 1989, and split up by 1997, reunited in 2005 for a series of gigs. Most known for their early 90's single "Where's Me Jumper?"
SundriveDublin based band consisting of bassist Mick McDonnel and guitarist Steve Cranley,
Super Extra Bonus PartyIndie-electronica band, formed in November 2005 and based in Dublin
Sweet JaneDublin based psychadelic/shoegaze rock outfit
Sweet SavageBelfast heavy metal band that featured Vivian Campbell on guitar

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