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A House to Zerra One - The Ultimate List Of Irish Rock Groups And Artists

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Artist ArtistNameNotes
Tadhg CookeJazz tinged acoustic folk artist from Dublin
Tara BlaiseStage name for solo-artist Tara Egan-Langley formeraly of Kaydee and the Wilde Oscars
Tara TelephoneMore of an literary/art group in the 60s beat poet tradition than a rock group, included Eamon Carr and inspired some of Horslips works
TasteThe power trio Taste, led by Rory Gallagher, was one of Ireland's early successes internationally
Television RoomIndie pop/rock band formed in Dublin in 2007
Ten Past SevenInstrumental trio from Kerry that move seamlessy between delicate intricate passages and heavy guitar riffs
Ten Speed RacerTen Speed Racer were a Dublin indie band consistings of the three Barrett brothers and two friends, active from 2000 to 2004
TerrordactylExperimental math rock / noise rock outfit from Dublin
That Petrol EmotionFormed in Derry by ex-Undertones guitarist Sean O'Neill after the Undertones split up.
The 4 Of UsLong running band formed in Newry in the late eighties by two brothers
The AdventuresFormed by ex-members of Belfast band The Starjets; powerful vocal harmonies and catchy melodies
The AftermathIndie band formed by the Cronin brothers after return to Ireland from Leeds in 2004
The AnswerFour piece retro/classic rock band from Downpatrick
The ArrangementsFour piece Indie/Rock outfit from Waterford fromed in 2006
The AtrixDublin based punk band active between 1978 and 1983
The Beat PoetsRock band from Northern Ireland formed in 2005
The BibleCodeSundaysLondon based Irish band Irish folk/rock crossover
The Big Geraniums Folk rock ensemble originally formed in London in 1990 but moved back to Ireland, still going strong after multiple lineup changes
The Black TokensBelfast rock-n-roll outfit formed in 2005
The Black Velvet BandLate 80's/eraly 90s four piece led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Kieran Kennedy, featured singer Maria Doyle, bassist Shay Fitzgerald, and drummer/vocalist Dave Horner
The Blades3 piece formed in 1977 in Dublin around the vocals/songwriting of Paul Cleary
The BlizzardsBand from Mullingar formed in 2003, released debut album in 2006
The Bogey Boys3-pc Blues rock combo from late 70s early 80s lead by guitarist Jimmy Smyth
The Bush TurkeysBelfast/Portadown based rock outfit active in early 1990s
The Butterfly ExplosionFormed in late 2004, The Butterfly Explosion perform lush, brooding music soundscaps.
The ChaletsKitschy cool indie rock/pop band of 2 gals and 3 guys formed in Dublin in 2001
The Chapman SocietyEnergetic three piece indie rock band from Dublin; came together in 2006;
The ChaseFour piece alternative/rock outfit formed in late 2005; currently active on the Dublin circuit
The CoronasFour-piece Rock/Indie/Alternative band from Terenure, Dublin
The CorrsThe Corrs blend pop with Celtic influences
The CranberriesA perfect blend of lush vocals and distorted guitars made The Cranberries one of the major successes of the 90's.
The DangerfieldsThree-piece punk/hard rock band formed in 2000, evolving out of the Belfast DIY punk scene
The DeansAthenry-based rock/blues trio - young guys but they play like they've been around since the blues boom
The DefectsOi/street punk band from Belfast active between 1978 and 1984
The DemisePower Punk group from Limerick formed in 2004
The DevlinsDublin band formed by brothers Colin and Peter Devlin
The Dirty PicturesFormed in Dublin in 1989 as Vocal Disorder and moved to San Francisco in 1996 and later changed their name to The Dirty Pictures
The Divine ComedyFormed in Derry in 1989 by Neil Hannon
The DolldrumsThe Dolldrums are an unsigned rock band from Navan
The Dudley CorporationDublin three-piece indie band
The Fireworks FactoryGothic Dublin band from the 80's in the vein of the Bunnymen.
The FlawsAn indie-rock quartet, from Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan; formed in 2004
The FountainheadEighties new wave synth rock group from Dublin
The FramesFormed 1991 in Dublin by Glen Hansard
The Frank And WaltersQuirky rock group from Cork
The FuzeEarly 80s Galway new wave/power-pop band
The Ghostwood ProjectGuitar based instrumantal trio from Galway
The Golden HordePunk band from Dublin, formed in 1982, disbanded in 1994
The GorehoundsGarage punky rock 84 - 89; one cd semtex; dublin 5 piece
The Guggenheim GrottoDublin multi-instrumental trio released their debut album in 2005
The Harvest MinistersFormed in Dublin in 1987
The High LlamasFormed by Sean O'Hagan after Microdisney split in 1988
The HormonesA band formed by Marc Carroll after Puppy Love Bomb, active between 1995 and 1999
The ImmediateInstrument swapping Dublin four piece, formed in 2005, split in 2007
The IndulgersCeltic/Irish/Folk rock group formed in Denver, USA in 1998 by Dubliner Damien McCarron
The Jimmy CakeExperimental multi-instrumental indie group from Dublin
The KinetiksIndie pop band from Dublin
The Knocking ShopEarly nineties band; R'n'R, Surf, Punk & Country in a blender
The KyboshDublin-based four-piece band formed in 2005
The Last PostThe vehicle for Dublin multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter, Alan Kelly
The Laundry ShopDublin based indie rock three piece (a Swedish Girl and two Irish guys)
The LoguesTongue-in-cheek folk rock band from West Tyrone
The LookalikesEarly 80s Dublin band
The Lost BrothersAcoustic folky duo
The Luminants4 piece new wave group played extensively around Ireland late 70's to 81
The Marshals Three piece indie rock band from Dublin
The Mary JanesIndie band formed in 1990 by Mic Christopher, the band split in 1999 and Mic Christopher went solo
The Mighty StefThe Mighty Stef, aka Stefan Murphy, is a singer and songwriter from Dublin, celebrated for the storytelling nature of his songs and his passionate live shows
The MoondogsPop-Punk band from Derry, formed in 1978, split in 1982, re-formed in 2002
The Noel Redding Banda.k.a 'The Clonakilty Cowboys' also featured Thin Lizzy founding member Eric Bell
The OutcastsPunk band formed in 1977 in Belfast by the three Cowan brothers
The PaleThe Pale are an eccentric trio formed in Dublin in 1990
The PartisansAfter The Blades split in 1986, Paul Cleary continued to put out records and perform with a new band The Partisans which were active until 1989
The Perfect Crime The band released two single son MCA in 1983-84. Brave and I Feel Like an Eskimo.
The Plague MonkeysDublin four piece formed in 1995
The PoguesEven most people with no interest in Irish folk and traditional music could not resist the Pogues infectious brand of it. Shane McGowan wrote some brilliant songs and spat them out with venom.
The PrayerboatA group centred around the emotive voice and songs of Emmett Tinley; formed in 1987 in County Wicklow, split in 2001
The PrescriptionsDublin alt. country/indie band formed in 2002
The RacketeersAmericana/Rock three piece band from Dublin. Formed in 1997 by frontman Eamonn Dowd
The Radiators From SpaceLate 70s punk band from Dublin. Guitarist Philip Chevron went on to join the Pogues. Reformed in 2003 under the name 'The Radiators Plan 9' and reverted back to the original name on 2006.
The RadioDublin indie band with former Rollerskate Skinny guitarist; released the acclaimed album 'Kindness' in 2004
The Redneck ManifestoVery cool instrumental rock
The RevenantsEarly 90's Dublin band formed by Stephan Ryan, ex- Stars of Heaven
The RevsDonegal trio formed in 2000
The Riptide MovementDublin Blues Rock four piece formed in 2006
The Saw DoctorsThis band from Tuam play their lively brand of rock with a distinctively rural Irish flavor
The ScriptThree piece pop/rock band from Dublin
The ShakesFormed in Dublin in 2002 by 3 lads from Belfast & Newry 'to counteract the blandness of the singer/songwriter epidemic sweeping Dublin'
The Slowest Clock80s punk/new wave group from Dublin
The SpikesA Doors influenced four piece based in Dublin, originally formed in New Zealand in 2004
The StarjetsLate 1970s power pop/punk group from Belfast
The StunningGalway based band were very popular live act in the late 80s. Their debut album "Paradise in the Picturehouse" topped the Irish charts in 1990.
The SuperseedsFour piece Dublin based band fronted by Derek Herbert, formerly of Les Enfants and The Big Noise
The Swell SeasonFolk rock duo formed by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová
The Swinging SwineBand formed in Galway, active from 1986 to 1990
The ThingsPsychobilly outfit from Dublin with a love for all things sick'n'sleazy
The ThrillsDublin five piece with retro 60s California sound
The Undertones'Teenage Kicks' is one of the most exhilarating two and a half minutes ever put on record and most of the rest of their stuff is not half bad either. Their fast paced hook-laden brand of pop-punk gave them appeal beyond the punk scene.
The VipersLate 70s Dublin post punk act
The Virgin PrunesPals of U2 from the early days, The Virgin Prunes took a less commercial musical route
The WallsFormed by ex-members of The Stunning, Steve and Joe Wall
The WaterboysOne of the few major acts to actually move TO Ireland as opposed to OUT of Ireland, The Waterboys led by Edinburgh native Mike Scott featured both Irish and Scottish musicians.
ThemMajor 60s group led by Van Morrison. Hits such as 'Baby Please Don't Go' and 'Gloria'.
Therapy?With thier quirky but catchy blend of heavy metal and grungy pop, Northern Ireland's Therapy? stood head and shoulders above the rest of the pack in the 90's grunge and 'alternative' scenes.
Thin LizzyThe ultimate Irish rockers and one of the greatest hard rock groups of all time. Started as a trio in Dublin (Phil Lynott, Brian Downey & Eric Bell), later replaced original guitarist, Bell, with a pair of lead gutarists(American Scott Goram and a revolvi
This Years Black5 piece Rock/Metal outfit from Warrenpoint, formed 2005
Those Nervous AnimalsSligo based rock group that had nationwide success in the mid 1980's with LP 'Hyperspace'
Tie the BoyDerry based band briefly signed to U2's Mother Records record label
TigrisHard rock band influenced by the likes of Thin Lizzy and other classic hard rock bands; formed in Dublin in 2007
Tir Na nOgFolk rock group formed in 1969 by Leo O'Kelly and Sonny Condell
Toasted HereticToasted Heretic were a Galway based band that attracted a cult following in the late-1980s and 1990s.
Tokyo Olympics80s Dublin based band
ToneageFour piece riot'n'blues group formed Kells, 1966. Eamon Carr, who was one of the founder members of Horslips, was the drummer.
TravegaIndie/hard rock band formed in Dublin in 2004
Treehouse DinerBand formed in 1994 by 2 guys from Dublin and a Limerick lass, later expanded to 5 piece
TriegaThree-piece alt rock rock band from Mullingar, formed in 2004
TrojanCeltic Metal band from Dublin, active 1982-92
Turn3-piece from Kells, Co Meath
TwinkranesTwinkranes are a Dublin based 'avant pop' trio combining vintage electronics and live instrumentation with melodic pop structures
Two Door Cinema ClubTwo Door Cinema Club are a Northern Irish rock band from Bangor and Donaghadee, County Down
Tychonaut Three piece formerly known as The Tycho Brahe
U2A relatively obscure band, not well known outside of Ireland.
Ultan ConlonSinger/songwriter from Galway
Una KeaneSinger/songwriter/pianist from Dublin, released debut EP in 2004,
United Bible StudiesAn eclectic musical collective that dabble in experimental noise rock soundscapes and psychadelic folk rock; formed in 2001
Valerie FrancisDublin based singer/songwriter
Van MorrisonIreland's first 'Megastar' on the intenational music scene.
Vengeance And The Panther Queen Dublin based band, includes some members of Republic of Loose
Vesta VarroLimerick indie band, released debut album in 2007
VictimBelfast punk band-1977-1989
VillagersThe quiet, introspective music of Conor J. O'Brien
Vivian CampbellBelfast heavy metal guitarist played with N.Irish band Sweet Savage as well as international acts including Dio, Whitesnake & Def Leppard
Von ShakesExciting Rock band from Dublin. Debut album 'The Routine'.
Voodoo LoonsAlt/indie/psychedelic band with one foot in Ireland and the other in the U.S
Vyvienne Long Irish Cellist, most famous for touring & recording with Damien Rice
Waiting Room3 piece indie band from Cork
Walter Mitty And The RealistsLimerick alt. rock/funk trio
Warlords of PezMadcap novelty act
WaylanderCeltic Metal band formed in 1993 in Armagh
We Come In PiecesBeardy math punk from Limerick
We Should Be DeadLimerick based indie pop/rock group with female vocals
Whipping BoyBroke up in 1998 after critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful releases. Reformed in 2005.
White RoxxA Northern Irish metal band 1984-86, based in Portrush.
WIFEWIFE is the solo project of Irish musician and singer James Kelly, formerly of the group Altar of Plagues.
Wilde OscarsFive-piece indie band from Dublin, released the album 'Fish' in 1996
WiltBand formed by ex-members of Kerbdog
Winter's Reign80s Dublin based AOR/metal band, released 2 albums
WokajoFive piece Galway rock band formed in 2006
XdreamystsLate 70's new wave/punk band from Northern Ireland
XerosunXerosun are a Dublin based metal band
Young DublinersUS based rock & Irish group led by Dublin born Keith Roberts
Zen AlligatorsBand formed by Johnny Fean and Eamon Carr of Horslips from 1980 to 1983
Zerra OneWexford four piece founded in 1982 by Paul Bell (ex Lookalikes) and guitarist Andreas Grimminger, who later joined Fatima Mansions

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