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Free Promotional Opportunities for Artists

If you are a Irish musical act looking for exposure, has some free promotional opportunities that you can avail of.

Get your own profile page on

We attempt to provide a listing in our list of artists and a profile page for all notable Irish artists on the site. Artists who have not yet been listed on the site and feel that they meet out selection criteria may request to be added to the site by submitting their details to us using the Suggest an aritst form.

Join Irish Rockers Insiders

The Irish Rockers Insider's area gives the artist access to add their gig listings in our International Gig Guide and post news items in our news section and in future we will be allowing artists to update their own profile pages. Contact us by email (our email address) or send a personal message to Aidan in the forum and we will create an account for you to access the Insiders area.

Irish Rockers International Gig Guide

The Irish Rockers International Gig Guide is a unique listing of gigs by Irish artists taking place all over the world. Once you have an account for the Insider's area, you can promote your gigs by adding them to our gig guide.

Irish Rockers News

Irish Rockers News provides news articles published by and by the artists. Any artist is free to publish a news article on the site if they have something newsworthy to share (new recordings, new releases, tours, special events, etc.). A recent news item is placed in a prominent spot on our home page giving you great exposure to our site visitors. An artist with access to the Insider's area can post news items.

Special exposure for musicians we love

Occansionally we come accross artists that really impress in a special way, blow us away even. Some of these artists are not as well known as they deserve to be, so we like to help these artists by providing addiotional exposure by means of our spotlight feature on the home page or by adding a track of our choice to the Irish Rock Discovery Jukebox. We only do these special promotions upon our own initiative and we do not accept requests for spotlight features or addition to the jukebox so don't be offended if you contact us regarding this and do not receive a reply. However, feel free to send us your music (a physical CD is nice, digital is fine too) and if it really impresses, you'd never know. We love to come accross 'undiscovered gems'.